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  • Postcast Episode 15 – Gerhard Behles (CEO, Ableton)

    Gerhard Behles is the CEO and co-founder of Ableton, one of the most exciting companies within our industry.

  • Podcast Episode 14 – Céline Dedaj (Spazierendenken)

    In Episode 14 of our podcast, we chat with Céline Dedaj about social mobility, diversity and inclusivity in the workplace

  • Podcast Episode 13 – Paul Carter (Wavesequencer)

    We spoke with Paul Carter about his new multi-layer modular plug-in Hyperion – his thought process, approach, and thoughts on audio software development. 

  • Podcast Episode 12 – Marco Accardi (Digital Media Artist)

    Marco Accardi is a digital media artist with over 10 years in the industry, with experience in software development, sound design, musical performance, and more! We spoke about his new Max/MSP tutorial series on The Audio Programmer, his journey into sound, and his newfound interest in machine learning.

  • Podcast Episode 11 – Chris Santoro (SoundToys)

    In this episode, we speak with Chris Santoro from SoundToys.

    Chris is the Engineering Lead at Soundtoys in Burlington, VT, where he has been developing audio effects plug-ins for over a decade. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida and a Master’s Degree in Music Engineering from the University of Miami.

  • Episode 10 – Ivan Cohen (Musical Entropy)

    Ivan Cohen a DSP Engineer and Owner of Musical Entropy. We discuss modeling analog hardware, our JUCE course, and more!

    Find out more about the Building Better Plug-ins with JUCE Vol 1 course here https://theaudioprogrammer.com/courses

  • Podcast Episode 09 – Mark Watt (SpaceCraft Synth)

    Mark Watt is the creator of the SpaceCraft Granular Synth, which has earned praise from synth enthusiasts worldwide, including Richard Divine (Sound Designer for Google).

    We spoke about differences between developing for iOS vs desktop, talk more about creating a granular synth, and challenges of bringing a professional audio product to market.

  • Podcast 08 – Nick Thompson (Creative Intent) Announces His New JUCE Module!

    Nick reached out to me last week about Blueprint – a new JUCE module he’s been working on which allows JUCE developers to write their interfaces in React.js and render to plain old JUCE Components! I thought it was a very exciting project and invited him on the show to talk about it!

    Nick is not only an amazing audio developer, but he’s adept in the JavaScript world as well! As a former Facebook developer – Nick helped to create the Instagram webpage. Now he is the owner of his own audio plug-in company, Creative Intent, where he releases his plug-in creations. We talk about Blueprint, his career path, his upcoming plug-in written using the Blueprint module, and more!

  • The Audio Programmer Podcast 07 – Jules Storer (Founder of JUCE / SOUL)

    For this episode, we have Jules Storer – one of the most influential figures in the world of audio programming. Jules is the founder of JUCE – a widely used framework which is one of the only options publicly available that allows cross-platform audio development from a single code base.

    If that weren’t enough, Jules has recently unveiled SOUL (Sound Language), which he is developing to help alleviate some of the most difficult problems audio developers face.

    We spoke about JUCE and SOUL, his career path, challenges of developing a coding framework vs a product, the future of audio development, and more!

  • The Audio Programmer Podcast Episode 06 – MatKatMusic

    New podcast!  I had a great discussion with MatKatMusic for our late episode – we talk about coding styles, when and why to use pointers, biggest challenges for new audio developers, and his new C++ course for musicians!

    For more information about the course, visit www.theaudioprogrammer.com