Monthly Meetup (May 11, 2022)

May 03 2022

Important Meetup Information

Online meetups are great, but nothing quite replaces that in person connection...

That's why we're in London for our next Audio Programmer Meetup!

Join us in person! You MUST register here to attend.

Jules Storer and Cesare Ferrari (Soundstacks)

Intro To Soundstacks

"Sound Stacks is a new company aiming to revolutionise how DSP programmers think and work to achieve their goals. In this talk we will introduce the ideas behind the company, and how as part of the Soundwide group we are aiming to make this vision happen."

Rachel Locke (Dynamic Cast)

DSP Corner: Common Signals And Transformations

Ricardo Abreu (Independent)

Ricardo Abreu (Independent)

Midicircuit (Building An Educational Tool)

"Midicircuit is an interactive learning experience designed for everyone that combines both educational and music making content into one user friendly pack.

In this lightning talk, I will discuss why we decided to build Midicircuit, the opportunity we saw and the journey to getting to our beta release."

Ricardo Abreu is a music producer and software engineer with experience leading teams and shipping products at companies like LUSH, Capital On Tap and UsTwo.

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