Neural Audio Plugin Competition (Livestream #2)

February 28 2023

Neutone Workshop: Real-Time Audio Plugin and SDK

Andrew Fl, Christopher M., Naotake M.

The Qosmo team will provide an overview of the Neutone platform, taking you step by step through the process of building, wrapping and exporting Neural Audio models for the Neutone plugin.

MATLAB Basics for Deep Learning and Audio Plugins

MATLAB Basics for Deep Learning and Audio Plugins

Gabriele Bunkheila (MathWorks)

Are you considering entering the Neural Audio Plugin Competition? MATLAB is free to use for all participants and this session provides an overview of the most useful features to work on the challenge. Join us and learn about the basics of:

  • Using MATLAB code to create and host VST and AU plugins, from DSP to UI controls
  • Hosting, running, and testing VST and AU plugins in MATLAB
  • Accessing pre-trained deep learning networks in MATLAB and training your own
  • Importing PyTorch, TensorFlow and ONNX models into MATLAB
  • Turning deep learning models into efficient C++ implementations for audio plugins

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