Monthly Meetup (November 1st, 2022)

November 01 2022
Debugging (Basics to Advanced)

Debugging (Basics to Advanced)

Aaron Leese (Stagecraft Software)

A quick presentation walking through basic debugging techniques, or more advanced/unconventional debugging, and some discussion of navigating and maintaining a large codebase.

Musical Instruments and Accessibility

Musical Instruments and Accessibility

Simone Capitani (Audio Modeling)

We imagine the future of accessibility of music products as an inclusive experience. Would you be happy to use the screen reader if it was the only way to make music? We must design the experience that everyone (or the biggest audience) can use as it is, without other tools, as much as we can. So we want to start a process with MI players to think about new experiences, new APIs, and new frameworks.

ADC22 Virtual Conference Walkthrough

Bobby Lombardi, Ralph Richbourg (ADC)

Join Audio Developer Conference team members Ralph Richbourg and Bobby Lombardi for a sneak peek of the ADC22 virtual conference venue. Ralph and Bobby will lead us through a tour of the immersive online venue created with the Gather platform for this year's hybrid conference taking place in-person (London) and online on the 14-16 of November.

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