Monthly Meetup (September 13th, 2022)

September 02 2022

Spatial Audio in the Web

Markus Zaunschirm, Daniel Rudrich (atmoky)

We start with sharing some insights along our path coming from spatial audio research, developing the IEM plugins and starting to build the audio engine for the metaverse with our company atmoky. After this short intro, we will dive a little deeper into spatial audio on the web, address the challenges sound designers face there, and show what we’ve been doing to solve these issues. We will share some use cases, demos, and code examples.

More info and material on atmoky can be found here: Interactive Web Demo Web SDK documentation More info on the web SDK atmoky image video

DSP Corner

DSP Corner

Rachel Locke

Developing Beat Scholar

Eyal Amir, Or Lubianiker (Modalics)

Working on a new kind of sequencer and forming a new company is quite a fascinating process with interesting technical and design challenges. We'll reveal some of the techniques we're using for it to work so our iteration process is quick and efficient.

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