Virtual Meetup (August 9th, 2022)

August 08 2022

Announcing pluginval 1.0 + Sponsorship of

Dave Rowland (Traction) / Sudara Williams (Melatonin)

Pluginval is an open-source, cross-platform plugin validator and tester application. It is designed to be used by both plugin and host developers to ensure stability and compatibility between plugins and hosts. It's recently had a bunch of updates and improvements. is a brand new web service based around pluginval validations that lets users really easily validate plugins without having to download or install any tools.

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Sudara's music and additive synth project

Selecting a Proper Designer for a Project

Selecting a Proper Designer for a Project

Nataliia Hera (Voger Design)

I want to answer questions that other people might have and talk about how to choose a perfect designer for a project

  • t-shape of designer ( creators,optimizers, technical designers )
  • reference base and the worst portfolio item
  • the art of knowing technology
  • product the project future - marketing aspect of project
  • knowing yourself

Voger Design

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